Lulu Ring: One of the finest ornaments you can buy from our store

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You can browse our store and choose from all kinds of ornaments you might be looking for and you'll find the special ones, especially the Lulu ring, but how do you check the rawness of the ring and how do you know if the decision to buy it is correct? How do you keep its luster and bright color all the time?

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Materials making a lulu ring from Lana's store.

Before talking about the materials of making a Lulu ring in our store, let's tell you that a Lulu ring can be made with materials you might choose yourself to provide our customers with the unique manufacturing service.

What is lulu's ring made up?

  • There is a type consisting of pure gold only 18 caliber.
  • Another type consists of pure diamonds.

The price of the ring varies of course based on the raw material made from it, you can browse all the store products from here: Lana Al Kamal Jewelry

  • In our store we tried to provide you with all the basics of security when you buy and provided you with the latest model Lulu ring, waiting for your order