Rings: How to choose the right ring for you, shine on your special occasions

Jewelry and ornaments are secrets of outfits and secrets of attractive appearances that show off your favorite characters from actresses, singers and celebrities on Instagram, TechTalk and Snapchat, and one of the most important things to show, especially if the photography is close and highlights the details are thin rings with different tastes.


Then your question is where to buy these rings with such tenderness and elegance!


Because you can wear the same clothes they wear and from the same store, but your last look may be completely out of their sight, due to the details they add through ornaments of all kinds: rings, chains, bracelets, etc.


This article is provided to you by Lana Al Kamal Jewelry store to talk about the types of rings suitable for every event you may experience in your personal life.


What do we offer at a Lana Al Kamal Jewelry store?


Lana Al Kamal Jewelry is a specialized store to serve high-end ladies and men and provide all their needs and tastes of different ornaments, and you can browse it directly from here


Our store has all the jewelry sections:


  • Children's jewelry for different ages.
  • Men's jewelry that fits what you're looking for.
  • Women's jewelry of all kinds:
  1. Various rings.
  2. Earrings with different weights and shapes.
  3.  Long and short chains.
  4. Bracelets with high tastes.
  5. Gifts for Mother's Day.


What types of rings does our store offer?

1- Rings suitable for various views:

  • Rings for daily exits fit casual clothing fashion.
  • Rings for special events and evenings that are not repeated daily.
  • Rings fit the costumes of classic clothing.
  • Rings suitable for characters with unique and modern tastes. 


2. Materials from which rings are made:

  • Pure 18 karat gold.
  • Pure diamonds with VS quality.
  • freshwater pearls.


When you buy rings, find the right ring for the occasion you buy for.


Forms of engagement rings that you can choose from according to each year's models 


  1. Engagement rings with green stone: This stone is made of a stone called emerald that expresses new beginnings, psychological comfort, calm and happiness, so most ladies who come to get engaged or marry prefer it, and it is worn by most famous women and considers it a reason to bring luck.


We also offer a unique collection in the store from which you can buy your favorites, and if you run out of quantity we can order specifically for you.


  1. Multi-stone engagement rings: This type is preferred by women who want to combine more than one stone type in different colors in their engagement ring because it consists of more than one lobe in the same ring and each lobe in a different color, but they can also be the same color if you want to.