The Art of Expert Jewelry Making

It takes great expertise, in-depth knowledge and skilled craftsmanship to be a connoisseur of jewellery. With talented gold jewellery designer Lana Al Kamal of her eponymous jewelry label, Lana A K Jewellery, we got the opportunity to learn what expert jewelry making entails. Here is the designer's expert guide:

1 - Find your sources of inspiration; whether it's from nature/ architecture / quotes etc.
2 - Create the sketches in different ways; colours, materials, papers, etc. Gouache can be one of the most beautiful methods to create a real-life jewellery piece.
3 - Create a CAD file and camera print out as we turn the 2nd sketch into a 3D image. Once the CAD is perfected it can be printed by the CAM machine.
4 - Make the rubber mould with the help of the silver master model of the design, so that later on the mould will be ready to be filled with wax taking the same shape as the design.
5 - The wax tree is then put inside the investment flask under high pressure and the liquid gold is poured inside the flask in the furnace .
6 - The wax is then released from the tree in the burnout flask and gold tree is formed and the gold converted to raw gold when it starts to cool.
7- Then the jeweler will cut the pieces from the tree and will be ready for the next step.
8 - The filing process to give it a smooth finish is completed.
9 - The final piece is given to the setter for setting the diamonds or gemstones.
10 - Final polishing to give the piece a shine. 
11 - Final step the rhodium plating to brighten the piece.